The City of Neverwinter

Map_of_Neverwinter_-_Labeled.jpgThe City of Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands and the Jewel of the North, is a metropolis that sits on the northwestern Sword Coast, in Faerûn. Before the Spellplague, it was ruled by Lord Nasher Alagondar, an aging adventurer and devout follower of Tyr. The City was in good standing with the Lords’ Alliance, and was well-defended against attacks from its rival, the northern city of Luskan.

Lord Nasher perished during the Spellplague, and the city was nearly destroyed when Mount Hotenow, the dormant volcano responsible for Neverwinter’s year-round warmth, erupted, raining ash and fire upon the city. More than half the population perished, and the great rift known as the Chasm tore the earth apart. To all outward appearances, the city had fallen.

Nearly two decades later, however, Dagult Neverember, one of the Open Lords of Waterdeep, arrived at the gates of Neverwinter with a host of mercenaries from the island nation of Mintarn. He vowed to restore the city to its former glory, and appointed himself Lord Protector. Not all welcomed him with open arms, and many doubted his intentions. There was little arguing with Neverember and his army, and he seemed to respect the will of the people, and even went so far as to house himself in the newly styled Protector’s Enclave, rather than Castle Never.

Despite the mistrust of the people, Neverember pressed on with his reconstruction project. He began with the Docks, ruined and overrun by monstrous creatures. He launched an assault, and soon the region was fit for habitation once more. He hired builders, and spent his vast resources to rebuild the marketplaces, the temples, and the many residences that once filled the area. He called the region the Protector’s Enclave, and from there, went on to slowly reclaim the rest of the city.

Now, it is ten years after Neverember’s invasion, and the City is bustling once more. It has not yet regained its full glory – the Chasm still spawns the occasional monster, and the River District is walled off against the orcs of the Many-Arrows tribe. Gangs still run amok, threatening the livelihood of the city, but Neverember has sworn to eradicate them. Perhaps he will, but no one can say for certain.

The City of Neverwinter

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