The Tarnished Jewel

Welcome to Neverwinter!
The road so far...

Through individual trials, each of our heroes has traveled to the City of Neverwinter. Their motivations are their own, and some have not even met yet. They’ve entered the city gates, finding themselves in an unfamiliar city with secrets yet to be revealed.

Neverwinter is one of the largest cities on the Storm Coast, and is one of the few to begin rebuilding after the effects of the Spellplague. The Spellplague was a horrific event, caused by the death of the goddess Mystra nearly one hundred years ago. Everyone in Toril knows of the Spellplague, of the time when the Weave unraveled, and magic turned traitor. It is only recently that Mystra has returned, bringing with her balance and a tenuous peace.

Not all is well, though, and many cities were reduced to ruins during the period of strife. Neverwinter suffered greatly, and its once-great stature is greatly reduced. The current Lord Protector, Dagult Neverember, has pledged to restore the city to its former glory, yet there are some who doubt his intentions.

The city itself is partitioned, walls dividing it into quadrants. The Protector’s Enclave is the hub, where most of the rebuilding has occurred. The Blacklake District still houses the noble families of Neverwinter, although even their power has diminished. The eastern quadrants are little-used, with the River District now inhabited by a tribe of orcs, and the remaining area split by a great chasm yawning into the Underdark. No one dares venture near the Chasm, for fear of what lies below.

As the adventurers make their way through the city, however, they see a city in the process of rebirth. Merchants hawk their wares, and armed guards patrol the streets. Opulently-dressed nobles move sedately across the Dolphin Bridge, making their way to the Hall of Justice to pay their respects to Tyr, the god of law and justice.

Beneath the visible devastation wrought by the Spellplague, the City of Neverwinter remains strong, standing sentinel on the Sword Coast, an ever-present symbol for the people within.


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